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Chronic stress can ruin relationships: How one woman saved her husband and her marriage in just 72 hours

Lisa has no doubt that RESTORE helped her husband and saved their marriage.

Tom and Lisa were the perfect couple. They were both highly educated, creative and successful by outward all appearances.  But Tom (and his wife) paid a high price for success. In the past Tom had struggled with depression and anxiety but this time it was much worse. The effects of the recent pandemic together with the uncertainly, isolation and financial pressures it caused was taking a heavy toll on both of them. It began slowly at first, with Tom just feeling tired all the time. He just didn’t have any energy and felt “spent” all the time. And the exhaustion wasn’t just physical, he was mentally and emotionally drained. He that nothing mattered that much anymore (including his relationship with Lisa) and was deeply disillusioned with everything.

Lisa was the first to notice that he had changed. She sensed that he was more distant from her, less attentive and generally pessimistic about everything.  Things progressed from bad to worse over several months and their relationship suffered.  Lisa tried to get help, and together they went to various well-respected specialists and tried talk therapy, marriage retreats and even prescription medications.  But nothing seemed to help.

Still searching for help, they saw a new doctor who was highly recommended by friends and colleagues.  During that visit he talked to them both at length and reviewed all of the prior treatments that failed.  He then suggested that Tom consider trying something new and radically different – a ketamine infusion.

He told them that many major universities and well-known medical centers such as Yale, NYU, Columbia and Harvard were now offering this new therapy to patients and were having a great deal of success. They had never heard of anything like this before and were a little skeptical. Tom had heard that ketamine was a “party-drug” and that it was used as a horse tranquilizer by veterinarians. The doctor assured Tom and Lisa that it is was safe when used by trained physicians and told them that ketamine has a very long history as an anesthetic for children because of its safety profile.   

But Lisa was still unsure about it and wanted to know more.  Being an analyst for a major corporation, she decided to research as much as she could about this new therapy before trying something so unusual.

Amazing changes in just minutes!

Her research quickly showed that ketamine was well known to be much more effective than any other medication, TMS or even ECT and it could rapidly relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety and PTSD, sometimes in just minutes.  Well respected researchers at Yale University School of Medicine had discovered in the late 1990’s that just a single infusion of ketamine could boost mood in a matter of hours by altering an important neurotransmitter known as glutamate.

Glutamate, she learned, is the main excitatory neurotransmitter in the brain, it “flips the switch” and pushes neurons to fire electrically. Research also indicated that glutamate regulates brain circuits that are responsible for feelings of depression and anxiety.

One of the researchers had even compared the experience of watching patients suddenly feel better and become energized after a ketamine infusion to the movie Awakenings. In that film, a patient stuck in a catatonic state for decades suddenly wakes up and becomes alive again when treated with the drug L-dopa.  As she continued to look into this remarkable medication, she found that many scientists have confirmed ketamine’s ability to rapidly improve mood, energy levels and even boost resilience and immune function.

Lisa discovered that the treatment was becoming increasingly available in their area and Tom could have infusions close to home. That was the good news, but the bad news was that Tom would need to have 6 ketamine infusions over a 2-week period and the effects would only last about 3-4 weeks before he would need another treatment.

” Ketamine can offer very dramatic and rapid relief - but the improvement only lasts about 4 weeks”

After learning this, Lisa was slightly discouraged about the need for continued monthly infusions, but nothing else had helped and if this did help Tom then it would be worth doing.  But there was still a nagging concern that even though the benefits of ketamine far exceed those of conventional antidepressants, it seemed as if it was a “band-aid” type of approach to treatment. Substituting taking antidepressants every day for having ketamine infusions every month. Was there anything better?

RESTORE - The next Generation of Ultra-Rapid and Longer Lasting ketamine therapy

Then she learned that the main reason why the effects of a ketamine infusion do not last very long is because a second, critically important step needs to occur.  It seems that to prolong the beneficial effects of ketamine, a second brain messenger known as BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor) needs to be increased and maintained over time.  BDNF has been compared to a type of “miracle grow” for brain cells. In the presence of this remarkable growth factor…nerves can begin to repair, reconnect and restore previously damaged connections. It was at this point that she learned about a new and advanced form of ketamine infusion therapy – RESTORE.

RESTORE is a ketamine-based infusion that also exerts its initial effect by stimulating a glutamate burst, rapidly improving symptoms of depression and anxiety but more importantly, it has a secondary, much longer lasting mechanism of action.  Because of the way it is formulated, administered and adjusted, RESTORE is able to significantly increase the production and release BDNF and produce much faster and longer lasting effects.  Lisa became even more excited when she learned that the entire program can be completed in just 3 days and the improvements last months (or years) longer than a ketamine infusion.

RESTORE is considered by many as the “Gold-Standard” in ketamine-based therapy - Faster, longer-lasting relief

Soon after discovering this new an advanced method, Tom decided to try the RESTORE infusion program.  After Tom’s very first RESTORE infusion, he began to feel more hopeful about life. By the time he completed his third and final infusion 48 hours later, his mood and outlook on life had completely changed. Here’s is Tom’s experience:

Tom said it this way:

For me, the actual experience of getting a RESTORE infusion was nothing short of life changing. It was like zooming through an awesome music video or being inside the movie Avatar whenever I closed my eyes. With eyes opened, I was right back in the infusion room–in control of my body and able to ask/answer questions–super woozy, yes, but nothing scary. With eyes closed, I’d slide right back into a kaleidoscope of colors, scenes, shapes and motion. 

But I think the most important aspect about the experience was that it let me see my life from a whole new perspective.  It was almost as if I was in a movie theater watching myself and my life on the screen and I was able to let go of a lot of things I was holding on to for so long that had contributed to my depression and anxiety.  These issues just didn’t seem so important anymore and began to fade away, and I immediately began to feel lighter and happier.

It has been almost six months from Tom’s last infusion, and he writes:

My depression is now joy, my anxiety is now tranquility, and my irritability is now patience. Now, my brain is calm, and my heart is filled with happiness and love.” he said.

I can see a tremendous difference in my thoughts, mindset and actions; I have been given a second chance at life and I’m beyond grateful.” he says. “If my symptoms return, I know that RESTORE has my back and that means that I can go on enjoying my life and my wife.”

Tom has since become more energetic, attentive and better able to engage in therapy. Today he says his feelings of disconnection and isolation are rare and manageable. 

Lisa noticed the changes too;

 “I am writing to let you know that life has significantly changed for the better since my husband’s treatment.

He had been struggling with severe depression and anxiety for over 10 years. It was hard on him, but it was also hard on me. Living with someone who was down and out most of the time was draining.

I never knew how the day would be. Would we be able to go out or even simply talk to one another. I stopped making plans because we seemed to have to cancel them much of the time. This went on for many years.

Then he found RESTORE at the Ketamine Research Institute. After his first treatment, everything shifted. I felt like I had my husband back. We were able to go out again, talk again, laugh together again, make plans and keep them!

I am so glad my husband is feeling better and has energy again, but I have to say I am so much happier myself knowing that I don’t have to worry about what the day will bring. 

After many years of struggle – I am excited for our life together again!”

Thank you for changing our lives for the better and bringing us joy again.

There is hope… with RESTORE

While the science is very exciting, ketamine-based infusion therapy is not to be considered lightly.  If you are considering this remarkable new therapy, the first step on your journey should be to find a physician who is trained and qualified to administer the infusion safely and effectively according to the American Psychiatric Association and the American Society of Anesthesiologists guidelines.

Ask a lot of questions and be satisfied with the answers. For help in learning what questions to ask, you can review the – “Frequently Asked Questions” – page at the Ketamine Research Institute to learn more about this remarkable infusion therapy.

For Additional Information

 Ketamine Research Institute – RESTORE Infusion Program
The RESTORE infusion program is ultra-rapid, highly individualized and strictly confidential.  We don’t treat patients, we treat people… one person at a time. 

If you would like to learn more about the RESTORE program, please feel free to visit our website at (restoreinfusion.com) or our clinical research center (ketamineinstitute.com).  We are also available to assist you with a free private consultation. Feel free to contact us at 800-850-6979, we want to help. 

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