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Changing the way we approach chronic illness with....
The Restore Ketamine Infusion 


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Why Restore Ketamine Infusion?

If there’s one thing we are certain about, it’s that standard treatments are not working. Patients are still suffering, and so are their families. We need to do better. 

All too often we have heard from our patients that they have been told by other well-meaning physicians that "you'll just have to learn to live with it” or "we've tried everything, there is nothing more we can do". To us, that’s just not acceptable and we want to change that.  


We have...now there is Restore!




Depression can be a very deep and dark place that is hard for anyone who has never experienced it to fully understand. Our mission is to provide a treatment like Restore to someone suffering under this terrible burden that can literally restore their lives in the span of as little as one hour. It is a truly remarkable reward and is our privilege to share with our patients.

Learn how Restore can rapidly relieve Depression

Chronic Pain

Despite everything science has learned about chronic pain and the need for relief, pain persists for too many patients. While we know that chronic pain benefits from a multimodal approach, it has been our experience that the Restore infusion is the single most effective treatment for resistant pain syndromes that we have ever seen. Let us help you stop the pain and Restore your life.

Learn how Restore can rapidly relieve Chronic Pain


It's hard to face every day with widespread pain. Every muscle, ligament and joint in your body aches. And it's not only the pain but the fatigue, difficulty concentrating and the sensitivity to everything in your environment. You "look fine" everyone says but they can't know what it feels like to be you. We understand what you are going through and there is help with RestoreLearn how Restore can rapidly relieve Fibromyalgia


Sometimes it's just all too much to bear. Flashbacks, avoidance, isolation, and fear including angry outbursts and violence. These emotional upheavals have devastating effects not only on someone’s personal life, but also their family and work life as well. If left untreated, they can spiral into panic disorder, substance abuse, depression, and suicidal feelings. - Just know, this can stop.....We can and we want to help!

Learn how Restore can rapidly relieve PTSD

Restore is changing the way things are done

The Restore Infusion is very different from the basic ketamine infusions that others offer. We realize that each person is unique, has different needs, experiences and may respond differently to any medication. This must to be taken into account for each person; we know that one size "dose" does not fit everyone.


Our Restore Infusion is individually tailored to meet your needs and is 3 times stronger and can last 3 times longer than other infusions. We have been able to achieve those goals by combining cutting edge research and innovations in the fields of Anesthesiology, Neuropharmacology and Cognition to develop the new Restore Ketamine Infusion.


We understand that living with depression, chronic pain, fibromyalgia or PTSD can be difficult, but considering a Restore Infusion is a step in the right direction. And you’re not alone. Restore therapy has been used to treat hundreds of patients all across the country.  Learn more about how we can help you today.

Reboot your life with....Restore


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