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Daily, new discoveries in science have potential revolutionary implications for health and healing. Each day scientific evidence is accumulating from pioneers in medicine, psychology and related fields that individually are “interesting” and “provocative” but it is only when they are understood in a broader context and combined in a clinically useful framework that we experience an entire shift in our understanding of how the body and mind functions together.

RESTORE Infusion Therapy

Life Changes Here – In just 72 hours you can improve your mood, increase your energy and boost resiliency to stress. RESTORE – A Transformational

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Lisa has no doubt that RESTORE helped her husband and saved their marriage. Tom and Lisa were the perfect couple. They were both highly educated,

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Going Beyond Stereotypes

One of the most insidious aspects that we see on a daily basis is the stigma that surrounds mood disorders. Despite the statistics that show how common depression, anxiety and PTSD are, our culture still often adopts a “toughen up and go it alone” approach, leading many to isolate themselves and be fearful of speaking up about their condition, much less seek help. Everyone at the RESTORE Center has also, in one way or another, dealt with these issues… and we know what it is like.

Traditional psychotherapy, prescription medications, and conventional treatments do help many people stabilize their lives, but sometimes these routes are not enough to fully deal with the pain, trauma, and stress that lay at the core of the disorder, leading people to simply numb their symptoms without seeking true healing.

Meaningful shifts in behavior, self-image, and wellbeing are something that the RESTORE infusion program excels at when used appropriately, but not everyone is able to travel to us for this therapy or financially able or willing to consider this option. The single most important thing that anyone suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD or addiction can do is to speak up about it to their loved ones and seek help.

We believe that shame and stigma surrounding these issues should be forever discarded, as these conditions are an integral part of the human condition, and everyone faces stress, challenges, and addictive habits in their own way.


Don’t be afraid to tell people that you love that you’re not feeling okay, that something seems to be different. From the moment you start announcing you’re in a bad place, you are on the pathway to healing.


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