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If there’s one thing we are certain about, it’s that standard treatments are not working well enough. Patients are still suffering, and so are their families. We need to do better… we have with RESTORE Infusion Therapy®

A 3-Day revitalization program with RESTORE Infusion Therapy® can restore-reboot-revitalize your life. RESTORE  is the next generation of molecular neuromodulation therapy that works so quickly, often following the very first session, many of our patients begin to feel better immediately. Know what it is like to experience a brighter, happier, pain free life again.

Learn more about RESTORE Essential for mood disorders and RESTORE Advanced for chronic pain. 

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Depression — Anxiety — Bipolar Disorder — PTSD

depression/Biploar Disorder

Unless you have suffered from depression, it’s very hard to appreciate the depth of pain and despair that it can cause. It can be dark, heavy and there is just a grayness to everything that you once enjoyed. Nothing means much anymore and  life becomes just existing.

If you have depression and sought help, then you have probably already tried almost everything. It is not unusual to have tried therapy, multiple antidepressant medications, and perhaps even more aggressive treatment like Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT). Yet, despite all of the best efforts, you probably didn’t get as much relief as you wanted or needed.

Unfortunately, while these approaches can help some people, many others suffering from depression and bipolar disorder just do not improve. But, we’ve changed all that now and you really can feel good again with RESTORE.

RESTORE Essential Infusion Therapy ® is effective even when these others are not!

anxiety and ptsd

People who suffer from anxiety and PTSD will tell me that they didn’t break down instantly. It took some time before they had the first dream where they woke up, safe in bed, but drenched in sweat, scared to go back to sleep.

They often say that they are a mess, incredibly irritable, and can fly off the handle at the slightest thing. We hear often that they have stopped enjoying life and just spent whole days doing nothing. Just eating and sleeping becomes their entire day.

How can you enjoy life when you never feel safe and often can’t bear to be around other people or crowds? Staying alive and safe becomes a full-time job.

RESTORE Essential Infusion Therapy® can help you to be free of this burden

the restore essential infusion program

restore yourself

RESTORE Essential® is the only infusion program that can rejuvenate your life in just 3 days – freeing you from the heavy burden of depression, anxiety and PTSD so quickly. It works in a way no other medication or therapy can.

Within just minutes, RESTORE Essential begins to reboot critical neurochemical balances and activate new neural network connections damaged by chronic stress, trauma or illness — allowing you to feel happier, more content and experience a renewed and revitalized joy and zest for life again.

The restore advantage

— The most effective way to feel happy again

RESTORE Essential
Single Antidepressant


The RESTORE Infusion is the first step to getting your life back - Today!


Experience the remarkable transformational effects of a RESTORE Infusion in just minutes.


Life changes here. Now you can launch into your best life ever - with RESTORE

rejuvenation begins here

Migraine — Fibromyalgia — Neuropathy — RSD/CRPS


Unless you have Migraines you don’t know what it’s like. But, image having your migraines gone in a matter of minutes – that’s the power of RESTORE.

To the average person, the symptoms of a migraine sound straightforward enough: It’s simple to say that an attack often includes throbbing head pain with sensitivity to light, sounds or smells and frequent nausea or vomiting. But the reality of it can be hard to put into words.

So what is a migraine really like?

“Like my brain is exploding, someone took a baseball bat and beat the base of my skull and neck with it, and there’s an ice pick jabbed into my right eye and temple.”

“Like a vice around my head, with stabbing behind my ears and pressure behind my eyes. Pull the shades, lie down, don’t move.”

“I believe they are all different. It’s painful to even open your eyes. I hate when people say ‘you have a headache.’ No, it’s much more than that.”

You didn’t ask for this and it’s not how you want to be, but now there is hope.

RESTORE Advanced can stop the throbbing pain in minutes! 


Fibromyalgia is difficult for anyone without the illness to understand. Your friends and family may not understand and worse yet, your doctor may not even understand it. Everyone thinks that you “look healthy” and there’s “nothing obviously wrong with you” so why can’t you do all of the things you used to do?

But you know why. Everything hurts, everything is a “chore”, you have no energy, and you can’t concentrate because you’re always in a “fibro fog”. You can’t wait for the day to be over, so you can just rest and be alone – and not try to act as if you’re OK.

You’ve more than likely been referred to multiple different physicians who have all recommended the same thing —  exercise, antidepressants and anticonvulsant medications. While some of these things may have helped for a while, you still can’t function the way that you used to. It’s seems as if you can’t win and you’re not alone.

You may have almost given up hope of ever findings something to help get your life back.

RESTORE Advanced Therapy® can help you to get back to normal!

Neuropathy and RSD/CRPS

No one knows else what this pain is like… but you know.

Friends and family sometimes ask you….”what is the pain like?” If they are asking as a friend and you don’t want to scare them away, you simply say “It is the most pain I have ever experienced, it hurts constantly.” After all, many patients with chronic pain have already lost a lot of friends because of the disease and they don’t want to lose more.

If they are a loved one you try and protect them. You don’t want them to know how bad it is. You don’t ever want them to truly understand how much you suffer because you know how much they would then suffer as well. Many times your answer is simply, “I am fine. It’s nothing that I can’t handle.” Once in a great while you may let them know how truly horrible it is, after all, they see it in your eyes.Your pain is the same today as it was yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that. You try not to dwell on it too much so you say “I am fine”. It hard for anyone to imagine going through daily life where everything that you touch, or that touches you, causes you pain.  

So, most of the time you try and shield them from the depth of your pain. Sometimes you say “I am fine” because you are frankly tired of explaining it or tired of answering the question every single day.

Stop the cycle of pain with RESTORE.

the restore advanced infusion program

restore your life

The RESTORE Advanced® infusion program is a remarkable new way to relieve chronic pain in minutes. No other therapy or treatment can offer safe, fast and effective relief from migraines, fibromyalgia or nerve pain in just 3-days like RESTORE Advanced.

It is unlike any other treatment, medication or infusion you may have tried in the past. Within minutes, RESTORE Advanced begins to reboot critical neurochemical balances and activate new neural network connections damaged by illness, injury or trauma — allowing you to feel better, free of pain and experience comfort and zest for life again!.

The restore advantage

— The most effective way to end the Pain Cycle

RESTORE Advanced
Opioid Pain Relivers
Other add-on medications


The RESTORE Infusion is the first step to getting your life back - Today!


Experience the remarkable transformational effects of a RESTORE Infusion in just minutes.


Life changes here. Now you can launch into your best life ever - with RESTORE

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Join with our other patients who come to us from across the nation and internationally.  Many with some of the most difficult and complex illnesses imaginable. Unable to find relief  with standard medical or psychological treatment have been transformed with RESTORE.

Now is the time to learn more about RESTORE Infusion Therapy® and how it can help you. Why settle for anything less when you can experience a remarkable transformation with RESTORE.

“Let nothing hold you back from creating the life you’ve always wanted.”  — Anonymous