The restore Experience

Transform your view

The RESTORE Experience is unique and different for each person. It is not uncommon for many of our patients to have profound and very personal realizations about themselves, their relationships, bad patterns or habits.

The word “realization” sounds incredibly mundane compared to what a RESTORE experience actually can be, which is often likened to a major, profound and positive life-changing event. We are frequently told that that the experience was one of the five most important experiences in their lives.

“Change starts in your thoughts.”  — Anonymous

Breaking the habit of being you

The Restore Ketamine Infusion Experience

Stuck in a rut

You might think of it this way – Imagine the mind as a ski slope. Every ski slope develops grooves as more and more people make their way down the hill. As those grooves deepen over time, it becomes harder to ski around them.

Like a ski slope, our minds develop patterns as we navigate the world. These patterns tend to harden with time and as we get older. After a while, you stop realizing how conditioned you’ve become — you’re just responding to events and situations in predictable, automatic ways.

Eventually, you become locked in uncontrollable thought loops and patterns of negative thoughts or pain that reinforce self-destructive habits. It’s as though we have become “hard-wired” to feel and see the world this way.

There is only one way to get out of a deep rut…

Shaking Things Up

Experiencing a RESTORE infusion and the transformational experience that accompanies it is like shaking a snow globe. It breaks up these patterns and expands your view of yourself the world around you.

It also interacts with what’s called the default mode network (DMN), the part of the brain associated with repetitive mental chatter, self-absorption, memories, emotions and chronic pain patterns.

Anytime you’re depressed, anxious about the future, fretting over the past; or experiencing continual aching, burning or throbbing pain, this part of the brain lights up and begins acting like an ongoing, almost never ending “repetitive loop” .

During a RESTORE infusion that part of the brain’s network system shuts down almost entirely and becomes very quiet. Now you can finally break free from the “loop” and begin with a fresh page to write a new story.

Begin to see things differently

finding new paths

Once free of this “repetitive loop” you begin to see yourself from the outside, to see the world from the perspective of nowhere and everywhere all at once, part of everything that exists and suddenly the never ending torment of pain, repetitive negative thinking and self-sabotage stops. The physical and emotional pain fades away and you can start on a new path.

The RESTORE experience allows you to learn something about the world and yourself that you could not have learned any other way, something that significantly alters how you think and feel  about, well, everything.

It’s almost like having a fresh start… beginning with a brand new slate.  This is the point that it becomes possible to move on with life; you now understand and truly feel that it is possible to establish new habits, new mental patterns, new ways of being. 

That’s the RESTORE experience.

See the Transformation

Feel the RESTORE Experience

Expand Your Horizons: Some events in a person’s life are so powerful, so life-altering, that there’s a sense in which he or she may not be the same person before and after the event. 

  • Clarity

    Gain new clarity to enhance your focus, mental acuity and sense of perspective - showing you new ways to solve old problems and issues.

  • Connectedness

    Experience a feeling of connectedness with everything around you. Understand your inter-relatedness with the world and enjoy a new sense of meaning and purpose.

  • Creativity

    Become more creative, open, and flexible in your thinking by experiencing a state of "unconstrained thought" free from old preconceptions and filters.

That is the restore experience


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“You’re transforming old patterns of your mind and letting go of thoughts you don’t need to have around any longer.” — Anonymous