The Restore Infusion Program

The Restore Program - How The Journey Begins

The Restore Mission

We understand how challenging mood disorders and chronic pain can be, so we don’t treat patients, we help people. Our mission is to help heal treatment-resistant mood disorders, stress-related disorders, and chronic pain issues by providing our clients with the most advanced form of ketamine-based neuromodulation therapy available to rapidly repair and rebuild neural pathways important regulators of mood, resiliency, and pain.

But RESTORE is more than just a “breakthrough” Precision Medicine pharmacologic approach to rapid physical and psychological healing, it is also a unique, personal, and profoundly meaningful transformational experience that helps forge new ways of seeing the world and develop new more creative patterns of thinking.

Our team of physicians and therapists works closely with each person we meet to develop a tailored treatment plan that works best for their individual needs. The RESTORE program blends a unique proprietary infusion protocol with specific visual and acoustic augmentation to enhance the beneficial effects, together with a series of integration sessions with our professional clinical staff to provide you with the most rapid, long-lasting improvement possible.

The remarkable efficacy and safety of this innovative approach is supported by numerous evidence-based research studies and have shown dramatic treatment success in recent years.


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The RESTORE Transformation Process

Step 1: Consultation

We want to learn more about you. Our physicians will take the time needed to make sure that RESTORE is the right fit for you and tailor an individual treatment plan for your needs. As part of our program, you will be asked to send us some additional background information that will be helpful in determining if you are in the optimal state to obtain the maximum benefit from RESTORE.

Step 2: Preparation

Once our physicians have assisted you with any metabolic optimization that is necessary prior to your RESTORE sessions and developed an evidence-based, Precision Medicine treatment plan for you, we will meet with you and begin a process of familiarization with the RESTORE protocol that is designed to maximize your comfort, guide you through the infusion sessions and optimize your experience and outcome.

Step 3: The RESTORE Infusion

During your visit with us, our clinical team will be right by your side to guide you through each of the three RESTORE infusion sessions over three days. After each RESTORE session, we will assess your progress and help you to integrate the RESTORE experience, reviewing what you encountered during the session and develop a focused action plan tailored just for you.

Step 4: Transformation

After your initial RESTORE infusion series is completed, we will continue work with you to strengthen the new neural pathway that have been established. This will include augmentation with the RESTORE supplement which is designed to facilitate a durable effect and we will be there for your RESTORE "reBoost" sessions to prolong and improve upon the benefits you have gained.

Step 5: Continuing the journey

Your treatment with RESTORE is the start of a journey, not the end. Revitalized by neurochemical "rebalancing" and improved neural connections, as well as, the profound transpersonal experience of the RESTORE sessions, we will work in conjunction with your physician or therapist regarding any medication changes or adjustments that are necessary. Now that you are part of our family, we will continue following your progress using evidence-based digital scales and measures.

RESTORE — the enhanced version of you 

the restore program

Expand your Horizons

RESTORE Infusion Therapy® is the only infusion program that can rejuvenate your life in just 3 days. RESTORE is the “Gold-Standard” in ketamine-based infusion therapy. See what you can gain from the RESTORE experience …

  • Clarity

    Gain new clarity to enhance your focus, mental acuity and sense of perspective - showing you new ways to solve old problems and issues.

  • Connectedness

    Experience a feeling of connectedness with everything around you. Understand the inter-relatedness of you and the world a new sense of meaning and purpose

  • Creativity

    Become more creative, open, and flexible in your thinking by experiencing a state of "unconstrained thought" free from old preconceptions and filters.

the restore infusion program

The RESTORE Advantage

RESTORE Infusion Therapy® is the only infusion program that can rejuvenate your life in just 3 days – last 3-6X longer than any ketamine infusion – and requires far fewer maintenance infusions. 

Compare the advantages and judge for your self — see why RESTORE is the “Gold-Standard”

RESTORE is ultra-rapid — feel better in minutes

RESTORE is longer lasting — enjoy more of life

RESTORE is transformative — become the best you

3 RESTORE sessions — are better than 9 ketamine infusions

RESTORE - Is The "Gold-Standard"